Say what?

You are passionate about your trade and are good at what you do. But writing flawless texts to leave a professional impression is proving difficult and time-consuming every time. Or maybe English is not a problem, but how about reaching a French or Dutch-speaking audience?

Sounds familiar? I can help!

“Helma has been a great help in rewriting the English texts on our website and flyer. She works fast, has an eye for detail and a feeling for the right jargon! We will certainly use her again in future projects.”

How can I help?

A professional message

Correcting and translating texts without changing the content or tone, that’s what I am good at. Whether it’s a website, CV, blog, article, promotional material, an e-book or any other text, I’ll make sure that they’re free from spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos. In English, French and Dutch.

The result?

  • pleasantly readable texts
  • professionally conveyed message
  • a much larger target audience

Now, of course, you have the option to have your text checked by an automatic spell checker or to translate it using a translation plugin such as Google Translate. However, these programs often make mistakes because they lack the right context and are unable to gauge the tone of a text. And that is precisely what a “human” text corrector and translator like me can offer.

“A survey showed that 75% of highly educated people have doubts about entering into a business relationship with someone who makes spelling mistakes!”


Well-written text


Research has shown that companies lose millions of euros each year due to errors in written texts. There are several reasons for this.

Reputational damage

Badly written texts leave an unreliable, sloppy, and unprofessional impression on the reader. Of course, this is not the message you want to convey, whether they are potential clients of your company, the person reviewing your thesis, or a potential new employer.

Fake webshop?

The Dutch Consumers’ Association writes on its “fake webshop checklist”: “Texts on fake webshops are often translated using Google Translate, or typed over from other websites with spelling errors. So when you stumble over crooked sentences, you’ll need to be alert.” Wouldn’t it be a shame if your – reliable – website gives the impression that there is a shady business behind it?

Search results

Search engines keep getting better at finding websites with good texts. These sites are therefore at the top of the search results. Texts with many errors score a lot lower. So if your competitor does better than you, he will always end up above you.


Multiple languages

Maybe you’re okay at writing a good text in English, but what about French or Dutch? And why would you want that anyway? What is the importance of having a site in multiple languages?

Larger target audience

Our society is becoming increasingly international. This means, among other things, that English is not necessarily the first language of your target audience, which makes it difficult for them to read and understand it. By also offering your texts in French and/or Dutch, you will increase your target audience enormously.

Browsing behaviour

Research has shown that the language of a website text has a major influence on the browsing behaviour of potential customers. For example, visitors stay on average twice as long on a page that they can read in their own language.

Purchasing behaviour

A vast majority of consumers appear to only purchase items from websites that are available in their own language. For a lot of people who struggle with English, it is a godsend if your text is also available in French and/or Dutch.


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